Best Portable Ice Maker Review 2018

Do you need more ice? Or the freezer is out of ice? If yes, then here you can find top 3 portable ice maker in 2018 which can make enough ice in a day.

Ice are mostly demanded in summer days. This summer may be you can sit inside an AC room or outside the beach but I know you can’t live without a thirsty cold drink. And the most important thing is without ice you can’t even enjoy your drinks. So, for those people who needed the most they must need an ice maker which can make enough ice for the day. So they can enjoy their drinks any time in the summer days.

Why do you need a portable ice maker?

Do you want to carry an ice maker with you? Hopefully not every time! What I mean is that a portable ice maker very needing machine in some occasions. Like, for those people who want to go out for summer camping, and they probably should have a portable ice machine. Because a portable ice making machine came in handy so you can carry with easily and enjoy your summer camping.

Some other occasion like hosting parties, beach parties and outdoor parties etc. Also those guys who travels and lives in their RV they can also have an ice maker. So no need to run for ice anymore. If you want you can use as a commercial or counter top ice maker in the kitchen.

Here some other uses and occasions to have an ice maker:

  • At work or in the office.
  • Camping.
  • Family reunion parties.
  • Indoor or outdoor bars.
  • Pool parties.
  • Outdoor parties.
  • In the kitchen.
  • Restaurant.

Actually, where do you want to use your ice maker? You can use your ice maker as you want, ANYWHERE. Just make sure ice maker is only for making ice not for freezing some other stuff.

In this article, you will get all the information and details about the ice makers. Here we review top 3 ice makers based on their mechanism, portability, reviews and prices, so you can choose the best portable ice maker for your occasion.

NewAir Ice Maker AI 215R 300x200 - Best Portable Ice Maker Review 2018


Compact Design: Easily fits in anywhere.

Portable: Easy to carry with.

Mechanism: Easy push button mechanism.

Making Ice: Can make up to 24 pounds of ice per day.

Durable: Long Lasting Ice Machine.

Price: Affordable.

Ice Cube Size: Can make 3 different size of ice cubes.

Ice Making Time: Max 10-15 minutes per batch.

Take a look: Top 3 Portable Ice Maker from AMAZON.COM

1. NewAir AI-100R Ice Maker

The New Air ice maker comes in a perfectly compact design with attractive color. Very easy to carry and fit to any place anywhere. You’ll love this ice maker because of its lightweight and compact design, you can carry around to anywhere like boats, cars, camping, RVs etc.


The New Air ice maker is very popular and have excellent reputation among peoples, it’s not only about its design. It can produce 28 pounds of ice per day which is enough for any parties. You’ll never run out of ice anymore. More than that it is very easy to use, it has easy LED control panel to make ice. There is an option to select 3 different ice cube shape and sizes, whatever size and shape you want just push button. It’s just take 15 minutes to make first batch of ices from water.

The fact about this portable ice making machine is that you don’t require any installation, just plug-in and push button and wait for 15 minutes to make ice.
Due to its flawless design and technical features it will never make you feel upset. It will consistently make ice without any issue.

Checkout- A quick video review of New Air ice maker

New Air portable ice maker machine

New Air AI-100R Ice Maker

Produce 28 pounds of ice /day
Compact design
Easy push button control
3 ice cube size option

2. Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Ice Maker

If you have a small kitchen then Avalon Bay mini ice maker is perfect for you. Due to its convenient and compact design it fits in everywhere and also you can carry with to anywhere any place. It is perfect for compact spaces like small kitchens, car and boats. Also Avalon Bay is one of the best portable ice maker for RV, Camping, and outdoor parties.

With Avalon bay ice maker you’ll never out of ice anymore, its powerful compressor can make up to 26 pounds of ice per day. You can enjoy the day without any hassle….. You don’t need to wait for long to make ice, just wait for 15 minutes and enjoy your drinks.

Avalon bay portable ice maker machine

In comparison with other portable ice making machine, it has great features very easy and simple to use. The ice machine doesn’t need any installation required – simply plug-in – add water and push the button to have fun with your first set of ice.

More than that the ice machine can produce bullet shaped ice every 6 minutes. Also there is an LED indicator lights which will tell you every time when ice machine needs to add water. You’ll be also notified when the ice box is full and need to empty ice bucket.

avalon portable ice maker machine

Avalon Bay Ice Maker

Produce 26 pounds of ice/day
Fit in Compact Spaces
Easy push button control
Comfort to carry with

3. Think Gizmos TG-22 Ice Maker

Think Gizmos ice maker comes in stunning look with a stainless steel design. Which is one of the top rated ice maker at Its stainless steel design and stunning looks make you feel to have one. In addition, it is very easy to use, the ice machine doesn’t require any installation, just plug-in and push the button to make ice.

Like other ice maker the machine can produce 26 pounds of ice per day. It can make each sets of ice in every six minutes. So, you don’t have to wait for long to chill your drinks. The ice bucket can hold up to 2.2 pounds.

TG22 ice maker have easy control panel. It allow you to select 3 different size of ice cubes. Whatever size you want small, medium or large size of ice cubes. In the control panel there is two indicator light, one is full ice and 2nd is add water. The full ice indicator light means the ice bucket is full. You have to empty the ice bucket. And when add water indicator light beep it means you need to add more water to make more ice.

The Price of this ice making machine quite high in comparison with other ice maker. But having one will not going to disappoint you. Check Customer REVIEWS at

think gizmos portable ice maker

Avalon Bay Ice Maker

Produce 16 pounds of ice/day
Stainless steel Counter Top ice maker
Easy push button control
Automatic overflow control

Among these three portable ice maker which one will perfect for you?

You might be still confused to pick the best portable ice machine among these top 3 ice makers.
Don’t worry, we compare these portable ice making machine based on their features, mechanism, reviews and prices. You will find this helpful to pick the best one.

newair portable ice maker
New Air Ice Maker
avalon portable ice maker
Avalon Bay Ice Maker
thinkgizmos portable ice maker
ThinkGizmos Ice Maker
Ice Produce per day

28 Pounds

26 Pounds

26 Pounds


24.3 pounds

20.1 pounds

25.4 pounds

Ice Cube Size

3 ice cube size

2 ice cube size

3 ice cube size

Ice Making Time

9-15 minutes

6-9 minutes

6-13 minutes

Overflow Control




Rating 4 Ratings of ice makers 4 Ratings of ice makers5 Ratings of ice makers

Read the Reviews

Read the Reviews

Read the Reviews


Which one produces the most ices?

As you can see from these three portable ice machine, the New Air ice machine can make 28 pounds of ice per day while other two can makes only 26 pounds a day. On the other hand New Air ice maker can produce ice in 15 minute while other two Think Gizmos TG22 and Avalon Bay can make ice in just 6 minutes.

If you are needing more ice in a day then New Air ice maker will be the best choice. It can make 2 pounds more than the other two ice makers. If you need quick ice cube maker, then you can choose Think Gizmos ice maker because it can produce 8 ice cubes in every 6 minutes. The ice bucket can hold up to 2.2 pounds of ice cubes, so after an hours you’ll have lot of ice. If you compare it with NewAir ice maker, the NewAir ice storage can hold up to only half pounds. So, now you decide which will better for you.

As well as the Avalon bay ice maker can produce 9 cube of ice in 6 minutes but it is still unclear the ice storage capacity.

Ice Machine Portability

Here the Avalon Bay ice maker win this time, because of its lightweight manufacture. It’s nearly 21 pounds which is very easy to carry with. If you compare Avalon bay with two other ice maker, they are not much less than this ice maker. The New Air ice maker is nearly 24 pounds and the Think Gizmos is 25 pound in weight which is also very ease to move. As a result, you can choose between these 3 ice makers which is comfort for you.

Ice Maker Mechanism

If you are comparing these top 3 rated ice maker upon their mechanism, then we say that, all 3 ice maker have the same mechanism. All three ice maker designed with most advanced technological mechanism. Each ice maker have easy push button control panel. Anyone can figure it out how to operate these ice maker.

avalon portable ice cube maker
Now you are about to confuse to choose the best ice maker. Here don’t waste much time, just pick one that look very easy to operate for you.

Newair Portable ice MachineIf you are asking me to pick one, I would say the NewAir ice maker is very easy to control. The ice machine have very easy push button control panel LED display. The ice maker have three options small, medium and large, it means which size of ice cubes you want to make. Also there is two indicator light one is “add water” which will alert you when it’s about to add more water up to ice maker water line to make ice cubes. The other indicator light is “ice full” which means the ice storage is full. You have to empty the ice bucket.

The Think Gizmos ice maker and the new air ice machine have same mechanism. But the Avalon Bay ice maker have only two size ice cubes options.
Now, it’s all upon you to choose the perfect among these best ice maker, even though all three ice maker looks very similar and easy to operate.


The Price is also important factor to pick the best one. The ThinkGizmos have quite higher price than other two ice maker. Whereas the NewAir and Avalon Bay ice maker nearly have similar prices, only 6-8 dollars difference.
Compare prices on AMAZON.


When you purchase any product online, you love to check the product reviews to ensure about the quality of the product. So you can decide which one is to purchase and which is not.

The ThinkGizmos ice maker is very popular at At amazon, you’ll find the ThinkGizmos ice maker have good amount of reviews and ratings than other two ice makers.
However the NewAir and AvalonBay ice maker have 4 star ratings and good reviews, which are also good to have one.

Consider some checklist before purchasing an ice maker

Before picking any ice maker, 2 things you can consider:

    • #1 Price:

If you compare prices of these 3 ice maker, the Avalon Bay ice maker is slightly came under budget. The Think Gizmos price is somewhat high which is under $150-$200 and NewAir ice maker come in nearly $150, which is also affordable for this ice maker.

    • #2 Usage:

This summer you probably like to go out for outdoor camping with your families and friends. And you might be thinking which ice maker is good for you then, I would say the Avalon Bay ice maker is the best portable ice maker for camping. This small ice machine much comfort to carry with. Checkout small ice maker for camping.

Which ice maker is perfect for small kitchens? My guess, you already know Avalon Bay ice maker is very comfort for small kitchens. It looks beautiful in the kitchen. Think Gizmos ice maker will be best option for counter top. And the New Air ice machine is perfect for table top.

Some other factors you can consider before buying ice maker.

  • How much the ice maker can produce ice per day?
  • The size of ice cubes.
  • Shape of ice cubes.
  • Design of the ice maker.

If you checking the product reviews, you might found 1-2 some bad reviews somewhere. Overall majority of good reviews win at last.
Hope this article helps you to pick the best portable ice making machine. If you have doubt about the product please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Ice maker history at WIKIPEDIA.

Avalon portable ice maker in the kitchen
Avalon portable ice maker in the kitchen
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